Pim Gimlet

A desert bullywug, Pim Gimlet was rescued from a group of poachers who were after his legs, a delicacy in many regions of Mir, by Gina Tonic‘s father. Sadly, the poachers had already seen to Pim’s parents, but ever the ever kind-hearted Mr. Tonic was quick to take tiny Pim in.

Pim and Gina became close friends, and he left with her to run The Kheyo aboard The Nimoy.

Pim manages the books for Gina, and given the right motivation, has the particular skill of being able to identify magical items with a pearl he produced in his gullet during a particularly nasty sheeple flu season.

Any friend of Gina’s is a friend of Pim’s.

Pim Gimlet

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