"Wild" Biff Armstrong

Heads knocked off: 1


Once a decorated solider Wild Biff Armstrong has spent the last 10 years touring the country side with his traveling show. Showing off great feats of strength and draining the last coin out of any patrons who are marveled by his skills and stories. He is known best for delivering great quips during the shows various skits before making his move.
Nowadays he finds himself in search of a way out of the traveling show business, looking for some big score so he can finally get what he has longed after the most… freedom from anyone’s orders and instructions, answering to no one… and jewel encrusted solid gold buffalo head to mount over his fireplace (and a large house that has a fireplace).

Classic Biff Quotes:

  • “A handsome man enters.”
  • “… but this isn’t a dress rehearsal!”
  • “looks like its curtains for you.”

"Wild" Biff Armstrong

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