Damsels and Dynamite

Chapter 1

Rude Introductions

Upon each receiving their 2-star tickets from sources that remain a mystery, our heroes each boarded The Nimoy in the eastern fishing village of Rybalka. The trans-Mir luxury rail cars have always prided themselves on extraordinary customer service, and as such our heroes were escorted to their cabin where introductions were first made.

The common thread between the five was the rumor of a map in the first car of The Nimoy, and they decided then and there to work together towards the lofty goal of not only stealing the map, but fighting and conniving their way forward through the locomotive’s strict star-level security.

Once settled in their too snug compartment, our heroes were shown upstairs to the saloon and explained that they had free range of the 2-star facilities and that a complimentary sasparilla was awaiting them at Gina Tonic’s bar. “Wild” Biff Armstrong was never one to turn down a cold sasparilla and made his way to claim his prize when he found himself suddenly staring at the ceiling, and also suddenly, the grimace of an angry half-orc thug.

Not much for words, and even less for apologies, Biff shrugged off the angry thug’s threats, but was soon met with the wild swing of a jagged Morningstar. A brawl ensued that soon involved even the kindlier patrons. Bottles and noses were broken, and flesh was melted (Thanks, Obediah), but the fight was over just as soon as it began, much to the relief of Ms. Tonic.

The 4 armed beastwoman thanked our heroes for their bravery, and rewarded them with her famous blue plate special, which was always sure to cure what ails you, as well as a single 3-star pass. Gina Tonic seemed to be a bit too helpful to a few of our heroes, but kindness from strangers is often met with distrust.

Our heroes then took to separate paths; Rigi Squanch and Cassidy Gale each “investigated” the brothel while the remainder of the group took to the Duel Car where they learned of a tournament with a 3-star prize. Upon reconvening in the compartment, they were surprised by a knock at the door. It was Pearl Chambers, a woman Rigi and Cassidy had just become more than familiar with, only now she was wearing an interesting shade of purple over her right eye. She began to implore Cassidy for help, as the her mistress was furious over the lack of customers, when the door to the car slid open…


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