The empire of Mir sees the sun rise in its east and set in its west, and there is no where else that can make that same claim. The Emperor Atlus Leonid unified the world five hundred years ago, and ushered in an era of unprecedented peace and prosperity. Mir saw leaps in science, health, and happiness until the Emperor’s sudden disappearance some years ago.

The empire now sits stagnant and watches as its people slowly become hungry and sick and angry.

There is hope yet… Stories are circulating of a map, the key to find the treasure behind Atlus’ great unification. The map is en route to the capitol, aboard The Nimoy, a great locomotive invented by Dampf Industries that circumnavigates Mir.

The journey will be unlike any The Nimoy has been through before, as one can be sure that this tale of riches is sure to attract friend and foe alike.

Damsels and Dynamite

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