The Dante Corporation

With the surge in popularity of Dampf Industries’ newest invention The Firearm, it was only a matter of time before competitors began to emulate Dampf’s designs, each having their own interpretation of what constitutes “stopping power”…

The Dante Corporation is one of the oldest financial institutions of Mir, with its headquarters in the far north of Mir, situated near the base of the famed Mount Dym, a very active volcano. Founded by a conglomerate of the Duergar, The Dante Corporation utilizes the heat of the volcano to smelt and forge the highest quality metals in Mir. While originally just a money lending organization, these dark dwarves soon realized that they had a lion’s share of the boutique weapons market due to their refining techniques.

The temperatures at which their ingots are made allow for their weapons to be imbued with gems that have the ability to house various elementals, and as such, lending their power to the wielder.

The Dante Corporation is one of the few companies of Mir that refuses to join the Auge Societe despite their constant advances. One wonders how they were able to so quickly replicate The Firearm’s design despite their outsider status…

The Dante Corporation

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