Auge Societe

In the decades prior to the disappearance of the Emperor, the nobility of Mir began a sharp decline.

While the Mirians were experiencing an era of peace and prosperity, the general sentiment was that privilege through birthright was an antiquated ideal, and as such many families, whose names struck a chord through society, witnessed their irrelevancy grow.

The power and the prestige began to shift to those who made a name for themselves through their own hard work. The Uhrwerk brothers are a prime example of this trend.

These kings of enterprise and industry, not willing to see their station fall the way of the nobility, banded together to form the Auge Societe, A conglomerate of the wealthy that, until Atlus Leonid’s disappearance, had been a pillar of society.

With the Emperor gone, The Auge Societe has become a reclusive organization, and has focused much of its attention on the ruling of Mir. They fiercely oppose the princess Svetlana’s rule, citing the countries previous issues with the nobility.

Some speculate that the Societe’s newfound shadowy nature is an attempt to avoid a fate similar to the Emperor’s, while others feel they are directly responsible for it.

Auge Societe

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