Damsels and Dynamite

Chapter 2

An Affair to Remember

Upon seeing her boss enter the car, Pearl’s cries for help were quickly silenced. Mercy approached our heroes and quickly attempted to defuse the situation, vehemently denying any involvement in the injury to Ms. Chambers, and even offering them “a free visit” as recompense for the disturbance to their journey. With that Mercy escorted Pearl back to the brothel, but our heroes decided they weren’t about to let an innocent woman suffer abuse on their watch… well, all of our heroes except for Rigi. Rigi made it very clear that he couldn’t care less about the fate of Ms. Chambers.

Making their way back to the brothel, the adventurers were greeted as they had before by a very gracious Mercy, who asked if they were there to “take advantage” of her offer. Wild Biff was quick to decline and demanded they be allowed to speak with the proprietor of the establishment, the house mother, Lucy Diamonds. Mercy placed her hand on Mr. Armstrong’s shoulder and with a smile and a wink, reminded him that admittance to the rear of the car was strictly forbidden with the exception of paying customers. She suggested that he head back to the saloon for a free drink courtesy of Ms. Diamonds, which strangely enough, sounded like the best thing in the world to Wild Biff.

Not so easily dissuaded, Cassidy Gale and Billy Rabbit chose to play by Mercy’s rules and paid to “visit with” a pair of girls. They were quickly greeted and escorted to the back, where they managed to persuade the women (with a little help from some extra coin) to speak with Ms. Diamonds, who quickly appeared at her girl’s request. She approached Gale and Rabbit with unusually heavy footsteps, and after a brief discussion whereupon Ms. Diamonds corroborated Mercy’s story that she would absolutely never lay a hand on her girls, Pearl emerged from her chambers and was quick to agree with her house mother. Lucy put her hand on Cassidy’s shoulder, gave him wink and a smile, and suggested he rejoin his friends, and that a round of drinks awaited them in the saloon. Cassidy turned to depart, really keen on a frosty ale, when a half-orc emerged from Pearl’s room and started screaming about “the plan” to Lucy.

Billy was quick to put the pieces together and looked up just in time to avoid a swing from an angry Morningstar. In the subsequent brawl it became very clear that Lucy and Mercy were not who they appeared to be, but rather an Oni and a Succubus respectively, and working for the infamous Ubiytsa at that!

The “ladies” were defeated once the haze of their charms lifted from Armstrong and Gale, however the demonic pair managed to escape our heroes through magical means.

Our adventurers quickly searched Ms. Diamond’s abode for clues, and Biff managed to find a safe stuffed with a substantial amount of mysterious gold coins, a rather intricate looking firearm manufactured by “The Dante Corporation”, and a pair of gleaming white manacles. On her desk, and amidst a shuffle of invoices and other junk, Billy uncovered a single 3-star ticket. Rigi Squanch, after having suffered a most unusual kiss from Mercy, questioned the remaining women to no avail. Most were just transients, paying for their voyage with their bodies. Gale, curious about a puddle near Lucy Diamonds’ bed, noticed a suspiciously loose grate that seems to lead to the car’s ventilation system. The group ultimately focused their attention on Ms. Pearl Chambers, who was finally regaining consciousness after fainting at the start of the battle…


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